Summer in Denmark

When I came back to Barcelona one week ago, almost no one in my hometown expected me to say that summer in Denmark is something special and worth experiencing. Maybe some of my Spanish friends that have experienced it will disagree with me because to tell you the truth some days were quite rainy and cold but in this post, I'll try to explain how a typical danish summer looks like and how was my experience during these few weeks of summer in Copenhagen. I personally enjoyed it a lot.

Danes like to say that there are only two seasons in their country: A white winter and a green winter referring to summer. They have told me that many times these last months just before telling me how lucky I am to spend my summers at the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. What they didn't expect is me telling them that I was enjoying summertime in Denmark.
Sunlight is the reason behind the beauty of danish summers, there is no question about that. During the winter and most part of spring and autu…

Danish politics, economy, religion and more

The only thing that some people know about Denmark in Europe and the USA is that the Nordic country has great public services and that pretty much everything works fine up here. Is this true? How are danish politics and institutions? What is the danish economy like? What political parties rule the country? Since I moved to  Denmark I have had the chance to know the country and being politics and economics some of my biggest interests I wanted to share some of my findings and opinions with you. Hopefully, the topic won't be too boring. I have checked how many people read my posts and the most read one was the one in which I talked about student parties in Copenhagen so I don't expect this one to become number one. Let's get started with it though.
Denmark is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy like Spain. Margrethe II is the current queen and she has been Denmarks' head of state since 1972. She has practically no powers and her role is mainly representative and cerem…

COVID19 in Denmark

COVID19 has shocked the world and has changed the lives of millions all around the globe. From those directly affected by the virus, their families, those that suffer from the devastating economical consequences, to those that have seen their daily lives changed because of social distancing/lockdown measures. Everyone has been affected by this weird and sad situation. Denmark is a great place to be during this crisis but it is not immune to this evil virus. In this post, I will try to guide you through the Danish response, the Danish situation, and my personal experience as a foreigner in Denmark during the course of this pandemic.

The first case of COVID19 in Denmark was confirmed on 27 February 2020, more or less at the time when the virus started to spread to most European countries. Even though the first days of March saw a big and fast rise in cases the current numbers are very promising. Only around 10,000 cases have been confirmed and 514 patients have lost their lives to the v…

What little things do I value about my life in Denmark?

Most of my entries have been about life in Denmark as an expat student. It is true that I included many personal opinions and experiences but someone else could have also written those texts. Today I want to write something more personal and explain what are the little things that I value the most about my current life in Denmark.  I won't develop too much on them or explain what is special about these moments. It is just about the little things of life "student in Denmark version". Probably many of these can't be done now because of social distancing rules and will make you miss pre corona times. The little moments that make me happy:

- Drinking a beer in the Students Bar at DTU with my friends. 

- Sharing your national dishes with people from other countries in a dinner.

- An unexpected beautiful sunset.

- To feel home far away from home.

- To understand a sentence or sign in a foreign language that you are learning (danish).

- To watch your friends struggle with a…

My 5 favorite spots in Copenhagen

Some weeks ago I wrote about 5 trips around the northern outskirts of Copenhagen that I personally enjoyed. I thought it was time to recommend you trips or spots of Copenhagen's city center this time. I don't know if they are the most famous ones but I tried to be honest and write about my personal favorites.

- Island Brygge

I might be biased by the fact that this was the first place that I visited in Copenhagen when I first arrived this past August but the harbourfront area located in the canal that separates Amager and Christianshavn from Indreby is wonderful. The place stands out especially for its beautiful sunsets and for its summer days full of excited Danes sinking into the cold waters of the harbor. It was August 24th 2019 when Marcos and her sister Eva invited me and my friend Alex to enjoy one of the last sunny days of the year to Islands Brygge. Thousands of people were enjoying themselves on the wharf, listening to music, swimming and playing all types of waterspor…

Working while studying in Denmark

Today I thought that it was time to write about practical issues against so I decided to explain to you why it is such a great opportunity to study in Denmark. There are many reasons but the economic one is fundamental. Denmark is a great country to live in, its universities are amongst the best in Europe and it is one of the most innovative countries so it is a good move for a young engineer. But the advantages do not end here.

The first time that I heard about this I could not believe it but it is in fact true. There are no tuition fees in Denmark. You understood it correctly: you don't have to pay a single kroner to attend university at any level if you are a European citizen. If you compare this to American or British universities the difference is huge. In Spain, universities are less expensive than in Anglo-Saxon countries but 2,000 euros/year for a technical MSc is still a lot for most people. So the fact that I could study at a world-class university without having to pay …