A new adventure

It is highly probable that no one besides some of my close friends and family will ever read this blog but I have always enjoyed writing and I believe that my new exciting life in Denmark is worth a try. In this blog I will write about my life as a student, as a foreigner and as a young person in Denmark.

I moved to Denmark in late August 2019 to study a Masters Degree in Advanced and Applied Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark. This might seem like a very fancy decision but it was actually a leap of faith. When I was about to finish my degree in Chemistry in Barcelona I was confused about almost everything. I knew that I wanted to carry on with my studies but I didn't know what to specialize in and I didn't see myself working full time or studying in my home university.

Many people had told me about the economical benefits of studying in Denmark and I knew that Copenhagen was a very nice place to live for a young person so after some research I decided to apply to DTU and also to the University of Copenhagen. I ended up deciding to study at DTU because their study plans allow you to choose courses from different study lines and that was what I was looking for. I am now in my second semester and have already chosen that I want to specialize in sustainable chemistry and catalysis.

This past December I was lucky enough to find a job as a tennis coach in Gentofte which I'm very happy about. In another post I might talk about the economical benefits of working and studying, one of Denmark's secrets for young people's happiness.

The city of Copenhagen and the outskirts of town, where I live and study, are wonderful. There is a lot to do for young people and I  already have fallen in love with its architecture and nature.

This short entry was only an introduction to my blog. In the following weeks and months I will probably write about different topics in detail: danish university, SU and economical benefits, tourism in the city, transport, bikes, food and leisure, danish culture and language, nightlife...

Hopefully I will find time to write about everything



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