What little things do I value about my life in Denmark?

Most of my entries have been about life in Denmark as an expat student. It is true that I included many personal opinions and experiences but someone else could have also written those texts. Today I want to write something more personal and explain what are the little things that I value the most about my current life in Denmark.  I won't develop too much on them or explain what is special about these moments. It is just about the little things of life "student in Denmark version". Probably many of these can't be done now because of social distancing rules and will make you miss pre corona times. The little moments that make me happy:

- Drinking a beer in the Students Bar at DTU with my friends. 

- Sharing your national dishes with people from other countries in a dinner.

- An unexpected beautiful sunset.

- To feel home far away from home.

- To understand a sentence or sign in a foreign language that you are learning (danish).

- To watch your friends struggle with an assignment while you struggle with yours and to laugh at it.

- To share popular songs from your country with people from other countries.

- To discover a new spot of your new city.

- To feel home in places that were new to you not too long ago.

- To be a touristic guide of family and friends.

- A sunny day.

- A train trip with my friends after a night at the club.

- A bike ride home with my flatmates after a long day.

- To talk about what happened last night in the library/sofa/WhatsApp group

- Meeting new people in a football pitch.

- A high five with a danish kid in a tennis court.

- Late-night board games with friends.

- A ping pong game at the bar.

- Introducing yourself to someone new. Where are you from, what do you study?

- The post assignment hand-in/exam satisfaction/celebration with people that were unknown before starting the project.

These are some of the moments that came up to my mind when thinking about happy moments. What are yours? Do you value the small things in life?


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